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The world has changed in such a way that environmental care and hunger elimination are no longer a choice, they’re an obligation. 

We work with supply chain partners, including certified B corporations, who lower environmental impact by reducing carbon footprint in their manufacturing processes, produce greener products with sustainably sourced materials, and support organizations directly involved in environmental protection.


Our Fair Trade suppliers and social enterprises create jobs and business opportunities to help people around the world, improve their lives and become self-sufficient. 


These resources offer high-quality handcrafted merchandise solutions using sustainable practices, for globally conscious companies. Many products can be branded or custom made for your project, including gifts, promotional merchandise, fashion bags, gourmet foods, bath and spa products and artisan crafted housewares.


Please contact us to learn more about Sustainable Product and Charitable Giving options available for your next business project. What a great way to make a brand statement and to make an impact in the lives of others.

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