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What does it take to attract and keep great talent?

Employees need to feel valued, appreciated and connected to a positive company culture, and that connection begins at the interview. 

We deliver a turn-key Employee Recognition program with gifting and ongoing digital engagement to attract and keep great employees. 


Our Signature program recognizes and rewards employees for performance and loyalty and provides crucial feedback to the company to monitor employee satisfaction throughout the employee journey.


The Great Resignation is affecting every company.

  • Over 50 million US employees quit their job (Aug 2021-2022 US Dept of Labor)

  • 30% quit within the first 90 days

  • 45% are actively looking for new jobs

  • Cost to replace an employee can range from 50-200% of their salary

Successful companies overcome the Great Resignation because they understand the key role a well-designed Recognition program plays in building employee loyalty.


Today’s stakeholders and CEO’s are demanding programs that attract and retain excited and enthusiastic employees.


Because happy employees are more productive and committed to their job.

Program Results

  • Sets your company apart from other companys when hiring talent

  • Increases employee productivity, job satisfaction and retention

  • Communicates your company’s core values

  • Reinforces company culture

  • Reduces the high cost of employee turnover and absenteism

  • Builds long-term loyalty

Why choose this program?

  • Turn-Key program requires no staffing

  • Scalable with ability for custom platform development and API integration

  • Provides ongoing engagement and data to measure program success

  • Includes branded and/or gift choice merchandise

  • Options for point-based incentives and awards with point tracking

  • Customized to different employee organizations

  • Flexible single or multi-stage program

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